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CyboRoulette V1.3
Finally it's ready for true play, it's tested with 2538 games! Also the Demo Online is active.
Play with the real money
Contrarily with others best roulette strategies/systems softwares, ours it doesn’t demand no installation and no setting. For each game, it needs only that you pay attention to these points:

  1. Select: Casino tested with CyboRoulette
  2. For the roulette RGN: for every 2-3 games make please a break going out of the casino or change the casino. Change the casino every 3-4 days and return only after a few days!
  3. In the Casino: You must always make a new game choosing: *European Roulette - > Pro/Single player* otherwise only *European Roulette*.
  4. The profit is based only on the games played correctly and completed!
You must only follow exactly what CyboRoulette says!

Choose the budget
Advice: you do not deposit all the budget in the casino, enough that is a little higher than the bankroll asked from the game.
The combobox of the budget is activated only when the system will allow you to choose a new budget.

Your budget in the game is

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