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CyboRoulette V1.3
Finally it's ready for true play, it's tested with 2538 games! Also the Demo Online is active.
Roulette System double dozens:Report: Test and statistic with 1000 Games
Consecutive values collected until now

Here you have the values very precious to know if the advices systems/methos or the Roulette softwares proposals online are fit!

**Live Roulette**111112121111821620
Odds On1413131514139261022
Random Logic13141515141310251022
Net Entertainment1314121513151026922
Boss Media Software1213141313149241025
RealTime Gaming1214121514141026822
  • Black / Red: 16
  • Alternation of Black / Red: 18
  • Even / Odd: 19
  • Alternation of Even / Odd: 18
  • Low(1-18) / High(19-36): 16
  • Alternation of Low(1-18) / High(19-36): 17
  • Outs of the dozens (First,Second,Third): 10
  • No outs of the dozens (First,Second,Third): 26
  • Outs of the dozens (Row1,Row2,Row3): 11
  • No outs of the dozens (Row1,Row2,Row3): 35
  • Consecutive of a number: 4
The live roulette has the inferior values of the roulettes softwares, this means, it’s harder to win with the roulettes softwares. In our system there are more games with the Playtech software, for this reason, at the moment its values are taller than other softwares.

For us, the consecutive can easily overcome this values when the games will increase:
  • Bases bets: 19
  • Outs of the dozens: 11
  • No outs of the dozens: 35
The table confirms, all the common roulette strategies/systems/methods that use the progressions in the loss case, they can only lose if you are playing in the long run. Because it’s nearly impossible to double in loss case, it would want an immense budget! Furthermore, we will be outside from the limits allowed from the casino.

• Statistics and Report (Best Roulette Systems most famous):

    Martingale System
    Fibonacci Method
    System single dozen
    System double dozens
    Labouchere system (Under Construction)
    Alembert system (Under Construction)
    Zero game system (Under Construction)
    Big series system (Under Construction)
    Small series system (Under Construction)
    Orphans system (Under Construction)
    Game of neighbours System (Under Construction)

• Required from our users:
    Strategy numbers of 34 spins
    Dozens method (L,H) and 6 numbers
    Dozen system catch R3
    Dozen method repeating patterns
    Dozens system reverse patterns
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