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If you have documented well, then you will already have ascertained yourselves that there isnít yet a strategy or system or method or roulette software that could be able to win at roulette. All these popular/famous systems could win, but only in some moments or better saying if are we fortunate? But the luck very often ends if we play long term, the final result: often we lose more than what we can imagine.
CyboRoulette make this affirmation because it has developed a complex software, which is able to monitoring these recommended systems or methods or strategies, the monitoring has been done with 1383 true games and each of them it has 100-120 spins. These flows have been taked not with random system but from the live roulette and from various famous casino software: Playtech, Microgamming, Boss Media Software, RealTime Gaming, Cryptologic, Random Logic and Rival. The result is losing, if you donít agree because know a winning system/method, then show us and we will update our web site!

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CyboRoulette V1.3
Finally it's ready for true play, it's tested with 2538 games! Also the Demo Online is active.
How to win at the Roulette European: The Unique Winning Strategic System
CyboRoulette uses a different approach from the common systems or roulette strategies softwares. The methodology is especially based on the natural phenomena, therefore itís very abstract as:

  ē For some physical phenomenon, in various moments it can strongly exist the attraction of the little ball with some sectors of the roulette.
  ē It can frequently exist the consecutive ones, as to say: if today itís windy, itís very probable that the wind there is still tomorrow; if today there is the sun, itís easy that continuous to be for tomorrow, on the other side, when there is the ugly one, itís very easy that the ugly one will pursue.
  ē It can frequently exist situations that are similar to those already appeared.

With these considerations or similar, we have developed a complex roulette strategy software, which contains 8 systems/methods, each of them is focused on a specify point of strength. Every system/method forms a wave, mathematically it seen as a f(x) very abstract. With Data base, CyboRoulette makes the processes of composition and modulation of these waves, the purpose to produce a new wave.

Am end, thank you to the mathematics, statistic and calculations of probability, we take the new wave modulated for deciding what Roulette strategy has more probabilities to win an elevated winning in the step x+1. If the % esteemed itís hight, then it will also play with a bankroll more elevated.
Therefore, contrarily of others best systems or Roulette systems softwares: at the long term CyboRoulette strategy/system is winning! And... It wins also a lot if the budget prepared for the game is enough meaningful.

ē Graphic of performance of CyboRoulette with one the common systems/methods most famous.
Monitoring with 1000 true games and each of them around 100-120 spins:

Statistics and Report 1000 Games: The most Powerful Automated Roulette Strategy

The common system/method, at the long run loses 14037 fiches, while CyboRoulette Strategy at the long itís clearly winning with 66243!
The common selected Roulette system is one of the best (most popular) and plays: show the details

CyboRoulette has intervals where the wave is negative, we have a maximum negative delta of 2875 fiches. With a budget of 3500 fiches, it would cover the critical points and we will approach us to 98-100% that the wins will keep on following the average of the statistic. In general, for every 10 games middly wins is 66243*10/1000=751 fiches, 10 games it employs around 3-4 hours if we manager a little the PC.
- If 1 fiche has a value:0.1 EUR0.2 EUR0.5 EUR1 EUR5 EUR
- Disposition Budget:350 Ä 700 Ä 1750 Ä 3500 Ä 17500 Ä 
- Winning average of 10 games:66.2 Ä 123.4 Ä 331 Ä 662 Ä 3310 Ä 

Note: The presents values are of the actual situation, therefore they can be updated in any moment because we are constantly working to optimize the software.

ē Easy to use:
CyboRoulette strategy/system is completely automatic and user friendly, it manages the limits minimum/maximum permissions for the bet and it manages: the bankroll to be employed for the game P(x+1), when to bet, where to bet and when it must end the game. It needs and it must only to follow him exactly, itís Cyborg!
You must not install nothing on your PC, view the demo online.

ē Conclusion
CyboRoulette doesnít love itemize names of Roulette Systems and Strategies Softwares íno good or cheatsí. Besides, it doesnít like even to tell you in detail for the winning and original resolution because it would be varied pages considering that itís abstract and complex. CyboRoulette is the best and most powerful Roulette strategy online.

Contrarily with others best roulette strategies/systems softwares:
We donít sell anything, our profit is based from your profit!
In the worst case, you had only another loss because there isnít any cost, but it exists only 20% on your win.
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