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CyboRoulette V1.3
Finally it's ready for true play, it's tested with 2538 games! Also the Demo Online is active.
Demo Release

We don’t recommend you to play with the real money with the demo because it uses always 1 Roulette system and the same bankroll. While the CyboRV1.3 for true play has 8 Roulette systems and makes to play what has more probabilities to win the game. The demo system can also win 2-5 bankroll in one game, but at the long run it makes little.

Graphic of the profit of the last 300 games:
The demo system uses the bankroll of 100 fiches for every game, instead, the CyboRV1.3 uses a bankroll from 100 to 500 fiches.

You can try yourself, just our Demo online is much more power than the Best Roulette Systems or Strategies or Methods most famous.

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