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CyboRoulette V1.3
Finally it's ready for true play, it's tested with 2538 games! Also the Demo Online is active.
Roulette Dozens method (L,H) and 6 numbers:Roulette Dozens method (L,H) and 6 numbers
Strategy numbers of 34 spins

This system/method has been requested by our users.
It begins to bet after the 34 spins, for every spin, it bets with 1 fiche on all the numbers that have not gone out in the interval of 34 spins (the interval of 34 is calculated by the last turn).
Exception, it bets not if the numbers are more than 17.

Condition of the test on 1000 true games with a bankroll of C, if the bankroll is higher than zero we stop at 120 spins, otherwise we restart with a new game.

Report and Statistics:
Roulette Strategy numbers of 34 spins - Report and Statistics 1000 Games

We also tested it with various combinations:
- From 28 to 36 spins
- Waiting for the next virtual win to bet
- Donít bet when the numbers are more than: 16,17,18
- With progressions in the loss case
The results are almost similar or very worse if it uses the progressive!

Roulette Expert Guide:
The Strategy numbers of 34 spins is not winning, itís another system/method/strategy that can win only if we donít play long run and we must be also fortunate. Contrarily of almost all the web sites that proposes the best systems or methods or strategies for the roulette, here we show with the facts and we confirm this loser result.

    Monitored and show me please the result of my method or strategy.

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ē Required from our users:
    Strategy numbers of 34 spins
    Dozens method (L,H) and 6 numbers
    Dozen system catch R3
    Dozen method repeating patterns
    Dozens system reverse patterns
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